An update from Bangkok

That’s right – I’m in Bangkok! Unplanned and unprepared.

I arrived this morning after a lengthy 21 hour journey from Langkawi, Malaysia. Fifteen of those hours were spent on a bus that included massage seats, a screening of a captivating modern day Thai love story (in Thai, of course) and the pleasant meeting of Matt & Jessica, a couple from Virginia, USA who are travelling together for 12 months with less luggage between them than I have for myself!

The intro to last night’s Thai movie

The journey also included my first (and failed) attempt at hitchhiking and a surprise stop over for a complimentary sit down meal (take note, National Express).

Dinner stop over en route to Bangkok

Anyway, enough about that. I felt like giving y’all an update as my blog is horrendously behind where I actually am.

So, yes, it’s Tuesday 6 December and I’ve arrived in country number six: Thailand.

I plan to spend a few days here in Bangkok before continuing my journey north to Chiang Mai and Pai, possibly stopping off en route. The very kind owner of a cafe I had a very decent breakfast at this morning recommended some places to visit, so I’ll do some research into those.

Cereal/porridge/muesli is my #1 craving these days…

It’s possible I will be in the north for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but I’m not sure yet. I’m still considering a handful of options.

In other news, my mobile phone is up the creek without a paddle thanks to sweat damage from a run I enjoyed in Langkawi. It still works, but sometimes it’s as if a ghost is playing my screen like a piano. The screen display is a little faded, too – which isn’t great when it comes to editing photos for my Instagram… First world problems, eh? Apparently, it’s not repairable and so I’m figuring out my best options in getting a new one. I’ll probably bite the bullet and buy one tomorrow, crossing my fingers my travel insurance will cover the bill.

As for this blog, I’ve decided I’m going to start making it more regular with updates and anecdotes from the same day as writing, or one or two days prior. I will still make it my mission to document highlights from the weeks gone by (part two of my Lombok to Flores boat trip is on it’s way), but I won’t be doing it place-by-place like I did for my time in Sri Lanka. Partly because some places just aren’t worth an entire blog post


Right, time to finish my coffee and continue my walk down the back canals in the hunt for some new street food for my tastebuds – like this snack I just had: goong tod. It’s essentially a savoury fried shrimp cookie…

Goong tod




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